We have trained thousands of women world wide and have achieved amazing results over the years. By applying our correct training techniques, programming and good nutrition, we have transformed women’s bodies of all shapes and sizes and we believe with all of our experience that we know what women want.

We know that aesthetic goals are almost always a top priority and we definitely know how to transform bodies to look and feel amazing from the inside out. Although this is important to many people and is a great motivator, we also know that sustainability is important to maintain these results, so we need to look at the bigger picture. Our aim as personal trainers is to provide our babes with the knowledge and confidence they need to live a healthy life everyday so they can maintain their Base Body everyday of their lives.

Once women start training with us, their goals often shift from just wanting to look good, to actually wanting to get stronger, fitter, healthier, move freely without injury and live longer. They quickly start to see that by applying simple training methods that focus on increasing strength, moving their bodies correctly, following a structured training program and good nutrition, they can develop a strong, fit and healthy body. We love educating women on the effectiveness of weight training. We teach them how to do it safely and efficiently, how to progress with weights and encourage them to focus on strength goals and the numbers they are lifting in the gym, rather than the numbers on the scale and as a result of becoming physically and mentally stronger, the body starts to transform and the aesthetic changes come too.

We want to teach you better training, nutrition and lifestyle habits to better help you achieve everything you want in life. We want you to feel like you are never alone on your health and fitness journey. We want to help make training fun and enjoyable. We want to support you along the way and help you connect with so many other amazing women who train with us.

We cant wait to help you transform your life!


I started your workout program this week and am absolutely loving it I love the way it's split up and feel amazing when I do it! It's so informative and actually makes me feel like I know what I'm doing!


As a mother of four who’s pretty time poor I appreciate being able to make my training schedule fit around the daily demands of work and family. Training with the BBB’s has recreated my body into a healthier, leaner shape and importantly, rehabilitated an old lower back injury which has always bothered me. After the first two months of the BBB’s carefully focused weight training and nutrition advice, I felt stronger and more energised, without the challenge of a tough cardio schedule. Now thanks to the BBB’s I find it easy to factor health and wellbeing into my schedule.


Since starting training with Base Body Babes my image, body and mindset has transformed. The babes have taught me how to eat, work out and maintain my dream body for life. Their holistic approach has made me a happier, stronger and more confident 'babe'


A couple days ago I completed week 2 of my first program. I am really enjoying it SO much. The whole entire thing is perfect - from your dropbox technique videos which I have watched numerous times, to my program design and duration (its great - I can get up at 6 am and be all done by 7 am when I daughters awake). I am a long time early morning exerciser and this program fits seamlessly into my life - and I love the challenge the weights presents.


I was always so scared of weights but decided to give it a go and now I really look forward to my training sessions with the babes!! Weights change your body like nothing else! I freakin’ love seeing these gradual changes in my body and looking at my progress gives me the fuel to keep going. I'm feeling so proud of my results so far and can't wait to see more changes in the months to come.


I started training with Diana and Felicia of Base Body Babes a couple of years before I turned 40 as I was worried about losing bone density. Since then I have never looked back. BBB have brought a fresh perspective to my ideas about training and feeling strong in my body. The programs they create have helped me transform the shape of my body and continuously progress without bulking up. To back up the weights training program they have supported me with healthy eating plans that are sustainable and effective in gaining lean muscle and loosing that post baby tummy. The support and care I have experienced training with BBB is above and beyond. Thank you both for your on going commitment to bringing health and well being to my life and the life of other women. I feel stronger and fitter today than ever.


There really are no words to describe the impact you have had on my life. You are not simply a trainer; you are a movement towards a greater cause – creating beautiful bodies through mental and physical strength and healthy eating. The Base Body Movement to me encompasses all of the ‘B’ words you make me feel after every training session: Balanced, Bold, Beautiful, Brave and Built strong to combat whatever life throws my way. You thank us for the endless love and support we have given you, but none of the lives (and bodies) you have changed would be a reality if it wasn’t for the love, support, education and motivation you have used to inspire each and every one of your Babes to make a difference. I’m sure I speak for all Babes when I say that the results we see in ourselves is a direct reflection of the hard work we put in together. Thank you for pushing me beyond my limits… Base Body Babes, you rock my world and I hope and pray each day that we continue to grow together. The sky is the limit baby! Endless love.


I'm only on the second week and absolutely love it! I look forward to getting to the gym everyday after work to do this program. I've tried other programs in conjunction with seeing a trainer and this already is better than anything I have tried! I like the integration of movement with weights opposed to what I've been doing which is mainly stationary weight training (lots of sitting on weight machines)